Who is dear23?

Dear23, aka Dawn Norry, is an Artist/Designer based in Northern California. She spends her days designing book interiors and covers for Sudden Insight Publishing, and her nights coming up will all kinds of neat stuff for other places.

Dawn stumbled upon Graphic Design at the Clark College Head Start program in the late 
80's and fell in love with it. She intended to start a career in design and decided to go to the Art Institute to further her education; sadly, she lost her funding a week before school was scheduled to start, lost her mojo, and strayed from her love of design for nearly 20 years. She jumped at the chance to get back into design when her partner started Sudden Insight Publishing in July of 2014 and has been back in the groove ever since.

Dawn uses Adobe products (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) to design, as well as an HP camera (for photo elements) and an iPad Air 2 with an Adonit Pixel stylus (she hopes Santa brings her an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil this year).

When she's not busy working on design projects, Dawn likes to listen to music (loudly) while dancing like a lunatic, take cruises with her husband like it's The Love Boat all over again, and root for her beloved Portland Timbers (#RCTID).