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Dear23, aka Dawn Marshall, is a Fiber/Needlework Artist and Book/Graphics Designer. She currently spends most of her time designing books and graphics for Sudden Insight Publishing.

Dawn studied Graphic Design at the Clark College Head Start program, back in the days before computers changed everything, and fell in love. She intended to start a career in design and decided to go to the Art Institute to further her education; sadly, she lost her funding a week before school was scheduled to start, lost her mojo, and strayed from her love of design for nearly 20 years. She jumped at the chance to get back into design when her partner decided to start Sudden Insight Publishing in July of 2014, and has been back in the groove ever since. She uses Adobe InDesign & Photoshop to design interiors and covers for ebook & print, as well as any graphic components for advertising.

Dawn hasn't had much time to work on Fiber/Needlework Art since signing on with SIP, but when she does have a few minutes to spare she tends to reach for an embroidery hoop. She is a huge fan of using old sheets, curtains, and clothing in her art, and often uses items that have meaning or memory; for instance, "Vortex 1" is made almost entirely of old clothing from old relationships gone sour, contributing to the theme of loss of control. She is currently working on an embroidery project inspired by David Bowie, and hopes to have it completed sometime in the next two years..

Who is dear23?